I am an IRC Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Dublin. From October 2022, I will be a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Leeds. I received my PhD from the Dept. of Philosophy at UCL in 2019.

I work primarily in the Philosophy of Mind and Action. My research is about motivation in rational self-conscious agents. I am interested in desire, rational agency, reasons, and how they are related. I have been working on the concept of need, the role of consciousness in self-control, and self-knowledge of desire. I aim to connect my research with insights from other disciplines like linguistics and psychology.


  1. Focus on Slurs (with Poppy Mankowitz) | ±
    forth. Mind & Language, 1-29.
  2. Desire and What it's Rational to Do | ±
    2021. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 99 (4): 761-75.
  3. Do Affective Desires Provide Reasons for Action? | ±
    2021. Ratio, 34 (2): 147-57.
  4. Desire and Satisfaction | ±
    2020. The Philosophical Quarterly, 70 (279): 371-384.


  1. Paper on the Semantics of 'Need' | ±
    under review.
  2. Paper on Self-Knowledge and Impulsive Motivation | ±
    under review.
  3. Paper on the Metaphysics of Need ±
    in progress.
  4. Paper on Appetite and Rational Agency ±
    in progress.
  5. Desire and Practical Rationality (PhD thesis) ±
If a paper above is not available due to being down for revision, or at the publisher's instruction, please get in touch for a copy!


Introduction to Ethics (Autumn 2021-2, UCD)   ±
Philosophy Residential Summer School (Summer 2019, UCL)   ±


Linguistic Semantics (Spring 2017, UCL)   ±
Philosophy of Language (Autumn 2017, UCL)   ±
Introduction to Logic 2 (Spring 2015-6, UCL)   ±
Introduction to Logic 1 (Autumn 2015, UCL)   ±
Knowledge and Reality (Autumn 2014, UCL)   ±

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